Virtual Reality
Adventure Des Moines

Zombie Mission

In the latest intelligence update, it has been revealed that a hidden mine is located beneath the protagonist’s estate. Your mission involves navigating unknown terrain, solving puzzles, and escorting an explosive device deeper into the mine’s depths.

Brace yourself for an adrenaline-pumping train journey and the toughest challenge yet in the thrilling adventure of Zombie Mission.


Death Squad

Death Squad - Virtual Reality Des Moines

Prepare yourself for the ultimate challenge! You’ve been tasked with safeguarding a territory, but there’s no backup on the horizon.

Your mission is clear: stay alive and endure for as long as possible, relying solely on your wit, skill, and determination. Embrace the challenge and strive to outlast all odds in this intense and demanding mission.


Your mission is critical: investigate the silent Lunar Base 42 after 72 hours of radio silence. Explore the patio greenhouses, forge new alliances, and overcome obstacles blocking your way.

Success hinges on effective team communication and sharp deduction skills. Navigate challenges, make vital connections, and unravel mysteries to ensure the mission’s success.

Lunarscape Breakdown - Virtual Reality Des Moines

Temple Quest

Temple Quest - Virtual Reality Des Moines

Embark on a thrilling adventure as you explore magnificent landscapes and compete with friends to amass the most dazzling diamond collection.

Feel the scorching heat of molten lava and the might of powerful winds! Marvel at breathtaking vistas, but beware of your fear of heights—avoid falling into the abyss! Can you survive this exhilarating journey unharmed and wealthier than ever before?

Kraken Island

Embark on a quest to find the Captain’s treasure on a seemingly deserted island. Follow the clues and unveil a concealed city brimming with mysteries.

Do you have the bravery and expertise to seize the treasure and confront the Captain’s enigmatic “pet”? Challenge your wits and courage in this thrilling adventure where every step brings you closer to the ultimate prize and a face-off with the unknown.

Kraken Island - Virtual Reality Des Moines

Kitchen Panic

Kitchen Panic - Virtual Reality Des Moines

Embark on a delightful family-friendly adventure by becoming Chef François in this cooperative experience. Explore diverse Parisian restaurants, preparing and serving dishes to satisfy customers.

Race against the clock, unlock new kitchens with unique challenges, and master the culinary arts to become a true chef. Enjoy the excitement of this immersive cooking journey and hone your skills in the world of gastronomy!


Achieve ultimate victory by outlasting all competitors in each round. Strategic gameplay requires precision and proficiency. Your success depends on your team’s choice between bows or blasters and your communication and aiming abilities.

Master the art of strategy, hone your skills, and emerge as the last one standing in this intense and challenging competition.

Cyberclash - Virtual Reality Des Moines

Party Playland

Welcome to Party Playland! Dive into a colorful world of fun mini-games suitable for ages 6 and up. Choose your favorite game, from obstacle courses to chicken fishing, and enjoy endless entertainment.

With a unique controller-free mode, Party Playland is the perfect party game for friends and family. Get ready for a whirlwind of laughter and celebration!