RezBlue VR Laser Tag Turnkey Solutions for VR Arcade and FECs in Iowa


RezBlue Laser Tag VR Arena is a competitive multiplayer First-Person-Shooter Virtual Reality game that will transform your play area into a Free-roaming VR Battle Arena.

Our VR Gaming Experience could be seen as a Laser Tag game in Virtual Reality. However, unlike regular laser tag, it is the next level of Laser Tag Gaming Experience in the most advanced and innovative Virtual Reality technology.

Let’s take a look at the differences between The Regular Laser Tag and RezBlue VR Laser Tag Arena.

Regular Laser Tag

– Need to build out the physical obstacle completely.
– Only one obstacle layout is tied with the game map.
– Only one game map in one physical location
– Only one weapon.
– Only one game mode.
– Offline game battles.
– The regular laser tag gaming experience.
– The regular technology.
– Manual data and statistics.

RezBlue VR Laser Tag

– No need for any real physical obstacles.
– A lot of layouts in the same game map.
– Many game environments are in the same physical location.
– Having multiple weapons.
– Having multiple game modes.
– Online game battles.
– The futuristic laser tag gaming experience.
– The laser tag game with advanced VR technology.
– Cloud data and statistics.

Game Maps

Game Modes

Map Sizes

A Turnkey VR Attraction
Designed For Your Business

We’re proud to work with a team of talented developers. Multiplayer Mission X Laser Tag VR FPS is the highest-rating game at RezBlue Arena. The title is also rated among the Top Free-roaming Premium VR Gaming Experiences. With haptic vests integrated as well as the latest advanced VR technology that you could find in the market, RezBlue sure can bring you and your customers the best VR Gaming Experience that you could find out there.

We have been running the Laser Tag VR Arena since January 2020 and we have been seeing success in the business model. Therefore, if you’re thinking about having our VR Laser Tag Arena in your business, we’re here to help you set up your own VR Laser Tag attraction. Please send us a detailed message. Click the contact button and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.