Laser Tag Des Moines, Virtual Reality Arcade and Fun Escape Room Experience

Virtual Reality Laser Tag

Discover the ultimate Laser Tag experience in our VR Arena – Des Moines, Iowa location. Our exciting VR First Person Shooter game brings you into a whole new world of Laser Tag action that you won’t find anywhere else. Immerse yourself in the game and become a First Person Shooter Laser Tag soldier like never before!

For a great laser tag experience, don’t forget to invite your friends and family to team up with you. Communication with your teammates is key to devising a winning strategy to defeat the opposition. Additionally, we provide large monitors for audiences to enjoy the action from outside the battlefield.

Variety of Game Maps & Game Modes

6 game maps + 18 obstacle layouts + 3 game modes + Variety of weapon options

Unlike typical laser tag, virtual reality laser tag allows players to immerse themselves in a completely new world with a variety of weapons and game maps to choose from. This creates an exciting and unlimited fun laser tag experience that cannot be matched by traditional laser tag.

With virtual reality laser tag, players can explore different worlds, environments, and scenarios that they would never be able to experience in real life. The range of weapons available also makes the game more challenging and strategic, as players can choose the best weapon for their style of play.

Co-op Game Experiences

Additional co-op games will also be provided during your laser tag game session.

In addition to the classic laser tag game, RezBlue offers a variety of co-op experiences that players can enjoy with their friends. Whether it’s Zombie Survival, Tower Defense, Cooking, or any other co-op experience, players must work together as a team to overcome challenges and defeat enemies.

These experiences not only provide a fun and engaging way to spend time with friends but also foster teamwork, communication, and strategic thinking skills. Players will face off against zombies, goblins, dragons, and other formidable foes, making for an intense and memorable co-op laser tag experience.