RezBlue Arena Membership

With RezBlue Membership, we want to make sure that our members receive the most benefits from us with all of the Virtual Reality Gaming Experiences at the best rate, along with many other benefits that are only available for members. 

RezBlue VR Arena Arcade VR Membership Price
  • With your RezBlue Membership, you’ll receive up to 15% DISCOUNTS on all of our VR Gaming Experiences at RezBlue Arena. Simply log into your Member Account to access all of the Discount Rate Instantly.

  • Member Discount Rate can also be added on top of Weekday Discount and Group Discount Rate when booking.

  • Members will also get access to all of RezBlue Tournaments and Score Ranking with CASH PRIZES at no Additional Cost. That means, if you win the tournament or the Ranking Season, you’ll receive the PRIZE without paying for entry tickets.