VR Laser Tag and Escape Room Des Moines, VR Arcade Fun things to do in Des Moines

The One and Only VR Laser Tag

Have you ever played Laser Tag? Now imagine playing Laser Tag in Virtual Reality! The regular Laser Tag the Virtual Reality First Person Shooter – a VR FPS game that goes beyond your imagination. Moving freely in a large play area while being inside the virtual reality will blow your mind away.

Unlike the regular Laser Tag game experience, Virtual Reality Laser Tag comes with a variety of game modes, maps, and weapons. This VR FPS-Laser Tag style game will bring you and your group the immersion of a Laser Tag video game that you could only experience at RezBlue Virtual Reality Arena.

Escape Room Des Moines in Virtual Reality with VR Laser Tag and Arcade Games

The One and Only VR Escape Room in Des Moines

Could you imagine solving the Escape Room Puzzles under the Ocean while the sharks are attacking or fighting dragons with magical power in an Escape Room Experience? It might not be possible with the regular escape rooms due to the limit of the physical environment. However, it is possible with VR Escape Room.

Virtual Reality Escape Room is going to blow your mind away. You’re going to freak out in a VR haunted escape room experience as well as be amazed by the zero-gravity VR spaceship escape room at our facility. RezBlue VR Arena brings you the best VR escape rooms that you’ve experienced.

Dragon Escape Room Des Moines, VR Arcade with Fun Laser Tag Experience

Multiplayer Virtual Reality Games

At RezBlue Virtual Reality Arena, we carry more than 60 popular VR game titles and half of the games and experiences are for multiplayer. It’s because we know that there is nothing more fun than going into the Virtual Reality Video Game Experiences with your friends, families, and your loved ones.

Whether you like to experience something just for fun like Tower Defense, Cooking Games, Fun Dualing Games, Cops, and Robbers; or you like to play more intense VR games for experienced gamers, like Zombie Survival, FPS, Duel Gun Fighting, Sword Fighting, Battle Royal; we have it all.

Video Game Arcade in Des Moines with Fun Escape Room and Laser Tag Games

Single-Player Virtual Reality Games

All of our multiplayer VR games and experiences can be played in the single-player game mode with AI/bots or with other players online. Besides, RezBlue VR Arena also carries more than 30 popular single-player VR games and experiences.

Each of the Virtual Reality games and experiences at RezBlue VR Arena comes with a very unique game concept that is made and only possible in Virtual Reality. You will go from “Wow” to “Wow” with all our selected games and experience.