RezBlue Virtual Reality, VR Arcade Des Moines, Escape Room, Laser Tag, Birthday Party, things to do in Des Moines, Iowa

Best Virtual Reality Experience

In The Planet

Take Your Fun To The Next Level with VR

Imagine that you could experience things that are not possible in the real world by entering a portal to the virtual world where everything is possible.

With our Virtual Reality technology, large VR gaming play area, and the number of chosen games and experiences that are specifically designed for location-based VR Gaming Experiences, RezBlue Virtual Reality Arena will bring you the most immersive way to experience the next level of gaming.

RezBlue Laser Tag, VR Arcade, Escape Room Des Moines, Birthday Party, looking for things to do in Des Moines, Iowa.

Multiplayer Virtual Reality Experiences

Our virtual reality facility offers a variety of room-scale location-based untethered mind-blowing VR games and experiences to individuals & groups of all types.

Whether you’re a newbie or a VR enthusiast, an individual or a large group, looking for Things To Do In Des Moines or Hosting A Birthday Party, with our advanced VR technology, RezBlue Arena will bring to you, your friends, and your families the immersive virtual reality experience that you can’t find elsewhere.

RezBlue VR, Arcade Des Moines, Laser Tag DSM, Escape Room, Birthday Party, and look for things to do in Des Moines, Iowa

RezBlue Arena Is Not Just A VR Arcade!

We are not just the typical VR Game Arcade. RezBlue is the only place that you could find around that offers the unique and most fun Virtual Reality Laser Tag Experience. Not to mention other VR gaming activities, such as Tournaments or Score-ranking Boards with Cash Prizes.

You’ll be lost in our Virtual Reality Escape Room Experience. RezBlue VR Arena will bring you the experience that you can’t find in the regular Escape Room. Going to Space, fighting Dragons, facing the Sharks under Ocean, everything is possible with VR at RezBlue.

RezBlue Arena Reviews, Des Moines Iowa

Quinn Davis

We had an amazing party with friends. It’s a perfect place for gamers with competitive multiplayer VR games. It’s not just a VR arcade. It’s the best one in Des Moines, Iowa. There’re big screens to watch the VR battles from the outside. Highly recommend!

Yang Di

My girlfriend and I never tried VR games. Putting yourself in the VR makes you feel like a superhero. My girlfriend got scared at first, but we loved it. We’ll definitely be back and bring more friends! Looking for things to do? Check out this VR Arcade in Des Moines, IA.

Sandy Williams

It’s completely a different world when you step into VR. This arcade is a fun place for kids and adults. We had a great birthday party! Great selection of VR games. The staff was friendly. If you’re in Des Moines, this is the Arcade to check out. 

Want Our VR Experiences Come To You?

Transform any occasion into an unforgettable adventure with our cutting-edge technology. Whether it’s a birthday or corporate gathering, RezBlue Arena delivers the excitement of virtual realms and thrilling laser tag battles directly to your chosen venue. Elevate your event with a unique and dynamic experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Des Moines Esport Gaming Club

Explore diverse gaming options in a top-notch facility. From casual play to pro-level gaming, we’ve got you covered. Our venue is also perfect for hosting parties and events, offering a versatile space for epic tournaments and themed celebrations. Join us for an immersive gaming experience and community camaraderie!