VR Escape Room Experience – Laserbots

Escape Room in Des Moines, Iowa - Laserbots. Things to do in Des Moines, Escape Room Experience.

Your spacecraft has been blasted out of the sky by rampaging robots, and the next spacecraft is 10 minutes away! You and your landing crew must defend yourselves against a large droid onslaught with force armor and laser weapon in hand. Keep your wits about you as you destroy them one by one with their own technology.

Things to do in Des Moines, Iowa Escape Room. Escape Room Experience in Des Moines - Laserbots.

Their code, however, is not unchanging! They figure out how to counteract your strategies. To live until the ship comes, use your laser swords and shields to deflect lasers, gather crystals to charge your gigantic laser gun, and blow up enemies. Is this the singularity that we’ve all been waiting for?

Escape Des Moines, Iowa - Laserbots. Fun things to do in Des Moines, IA. Escape Room Experience.

This is not a VR Escape Room. This virtual reality action-puzzle game fascinates players of all ages and presents tasks that escalate in intensity over time to keep the adventure exciting.