10 Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs – Virtual Reality Experiences for Corporate Events/Parties

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What games/experiences would you recommend for Corporate Events/Parties?

There are more than 100 games and experiences at our Virtual Reality facility. You can check it out here, https://rezbluearena.com/virtual-reality-game/

For corporate events/parties, Escape Rooms, Adventure, and Laser Tag are the most popular options.

Escape Room experiences will be best if you would like changes and solving puzzles as a team. Our escape rooms are not like any others. All the rooms come with a different story, and different set of puzzles, well incorporating many amazing factors that you can only experience in virtual reality.

Adventures and Laser Tag games offer shorter experiences. You will have the opportunity to rotate and experience various activities during your game session, such as zombie survival, tower defense, cooking, laser tag, and robot shooting. If you prefer action-packed and brief experiences that allow your group to take turns playing and have short breaks for chatting in between, Laser Tag or adventure would be the better options.

How long does each game/experience run?

Game durations vary from 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the game option your group chooses to play. Escape rooms typically last between 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on how quickly your group can escape. Games such as laser tag, adventure, zombie survival, and others can be around 10-20 minutes long.

How many headsets are best for Corporate Events/Parties?

At the moment, RezBlue Arena is the largest VR facility here in Iowa. We can have up to 20 VR headsets running at once.

The number of headsets you book for your group will depend on the number of people attending the party. You don’t need to book one headset per person if you plan to take turns experiencing the activities.

Every member of your group will have a great time, whether they are participating in the experiences or watching from the outside. We have monitors set up for spectators. Your group will enjoy lots of fun and laughter just by observing the experience from the outside.

Are outside food and drink allowed?

Yes, outside food and drink, including alcohol (BYOB), are welcome. Just please make sure to have everyone at the party fill in our liability waiver form. RezBlue Arena currently offers snacks and soft drinks. However, you’re not required to purchase from us.

Is there any deposit required?

No deposit will be required. When you make a booking with us, our booking software will ask for your credit card information. However, there will be no upfront charge or deposit necessary. The booking software only charges 20% for no-show bookings.

Will the headsets be sanitized between games?

Yes. The equipment also will be disinfected after each use by RezBlue staff.

How do we reserve our corporate parties/events with RezBlue?

To reserve your visit, please visit our booking page here, https://rezbluearena.com/book-now-virtual-reality-des-moines/

Select Party/Event -> VR Experience Party.

Do we need to do anything prior to visiting?

The only thing that your group would want to do ahead of time is to complete our electronic Liability Waiver Form, https://rezbluearena.com/liability-waiver-form/

You can also complete the form when you get here for your visit. If you plan to do so, please arrive a few minutes early.

Also, checking out the game options beforehand will give you some ideas of games/experiences your group would like to play. Games/Experiences.