10 Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs Virtual Reality Escape Room

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How is VR Escape Room different than the regular Escape Room?

It is a whole new level of Escape Room. With Virtual Reality technology, the experience won’t be limited by the physical rooms and physical objects. You’ll experience things that you normally can’t in the regular escape room, such as casting spells, fighting dragons, or sinking under the oceans with sharks around. Click here for more detail about the VR Escape Rooms.

How many people can play in an escape room?

All of our Virtual Reality Escape Room Experiences will require a minimum of 2 players to get started. And the experience can have up to 6 people playing together. For groups that have more than 6 players, multiple VR Escape Rooms can run at the same time. For large groups, please click here to inform us.

Are these VR Escape Rooms difficult?

They’re for sure different due to the creative approach that makes you think beyond the regular Escape Room Experiences. E.g solving the puzzle upside down

However, it’s designed to be solved and have fun at the same time so you don’t have to worry much. The more people you have, the higher the chance of escaping.

What if we can’t solve anything in the VR Escape Room?

We never had a single group that can’t solve anything. The experiences are designed with clues that help you escape. In the end, it’s not only about escaping the room, but also the fun that you have with others as well as experiencing the escape room on a whole new level.

Is there an age requirement for the VR Escape Room?

No, there isn’t an age requirement. However, we require one adult to be in the room with kids that are under 12 years old. That one adult will receive a 10% discount when checking out.