10 Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs Virtual Reality Laser Tag

RezBlue VR Laser Tag Turnkey Solutions for VR Arcade and FECs in Iowa

How is VR Laser Tag different than regular Laser Tag?

It’s a whole new level of Laser Tag. With Virtual Reality Technology, the experience won’t be limited by the physical play area or physical laser tag gun. There are multiple virtual game maps, game modes, and weapons that are alternated during your game time so that you don’t have to play one Laser Tag game over and over again. Click here for more detail about our VR Laser Tag.

How many people can play in a laser tag game?

Our Virtual Reality Laser Tag Experience will require a minimum of 2 players to get started. The game can have up to 6 players at a time. For large groups that have more than 6 players, you can take turns participating in the game. Click Laser Tag Gaming Experience to check out how our VR Laser Tag works.

OR you can request to have a tournament with multiple laser Tag games running at the same time. For the tournament, please click here to inform us.

What should we wear?

Comfortable clothes. There will be a lot of moving in our VR Laser Tag Experience. It’s best to have something comfortable cuz you’ll sure get some sweat at the end of the gaming session.