Gaming and Video Game would never be the same at RezBlue Virtual Reality Arena

Video gaming has been around for quite a long time. However, it only started growing quickly in recent decades. And as for the next level of the immersive video gaming experience, it’s virtual reality.

Unlike a traditional video game, in virtual reality, you’re not looking at a flat screen. You are basically the game avatar of the video game that you choose to be in. Your game character moves only when you physically move.

Imagine that play Fortnite but you’re not using a mouse and a keyboard to control your game character, you are the Fortnite game character that you choose to be and you have to physically operate the weapons with your own hands.

Unfortunately, there is no Fortnite in virtual reality just yet. Game developers are still working on it. However, there is a battle royal gaming style and many other similar game titles that you could play for the moment.

It’s not looking at Fortnite, the video game. You’re in it

The main difference between the virtual reality gaming experience and the regular video gaming experience is immersion. Again, you’re not looking at the video gaming screen. You’re literally in the video game. As a result, you experience the feeling of being in it.

Well, you could spend money and play a video game on a 75-inch screen because you might be able to get an expensive monitor when it goes on sale. However, it is still not even close to virtual reality which you can feel the gameplay when you’re inside.

Putting on a VR headset is the moment that you start to believe in the virtual world. Playing Five Nights at Freddy’s is an example. You get to be jump scared when you see Freddy appears in front of your gaming monitor. With virtual reality, you are dared to play it.

Five Nights at Freddy’s Scary Virtual Reality Video gaming experience

The VR headset is designed to take immersion in video gaming to the next level. The controller haptic gives you the sense of picking up, touchings, and interacting with objects. The speakers give players a sense of what is going on and where is it coming from.

Besides, there are also gaming haptic vests that you can put on. Now, you get to experience the gunshot sensation coming from the body haptic. Or you might play a sword fighting game instead. You’ll feel every sword slash from the enemy attack.

All of this combined with the visual immersion from the virtual world is the reason why you don’t want to go back to play video games on a flat gaming monitor. The dream of being inside video games is no longer futuristic. It is here.

Virtual reality Immersive experience Next Level Video gaming Des Moines, IA

Some gamers out there might argue that game graphic in virtual reality is nowhere near close to games on PC or console. Yes, that could be true because virtual reality is still at its early stage, compared to other gaming platforms. However, in virtual reality, what you enjoy is the Immersion that you can’t find in traditional video gaming.

The graphic might look stunning on PC, but do you get the feeling of being there when you’re playing a video game by just looking at the screen? VR is here to stay. At RezBlue Arena, we provide you the best and the most immersive virtual reality gaming experience.

Knowing that VR is new to the majority; therefore, we offer a free demo VR experience for all of our first-time customers. You won’t know what it feels like to be inside virtual reality until you get to be in it. Our free demo will get you hooked on the immersion that you never experienced before.

We’re RezBlue, currently located in Des Moines, Iowa. So if you’re a local gamer or someone that just want to experience video game with the most immersive high-tech gaming system. We’re happy to have you come and check us out at any time. And yes, we might come to your city in the near future.

Or if you’re a dedicated gamer and you might think that VR is not for you, we have consoles and PCs for you as well. Check out this from our business partner. We’re in the same space, under the same collaboration. So if you ever get bored with your gaming monitor screen. Let’s put on a VR headset and experience gaming like never before.