10 Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs – Virtual Reality Experiences for After Prom Parties

How many headsets are best for After Prom Parties?

Based on our past experiences with various pop-up parties and events, organizers typically opt for 6-10 headsets. In cases where space is limited, 4 headsets can suffice. However, it’s worth noting that after-prom parties are often hosted in basketball courts, ensuring ample space is usually not a concern.

For 6 headsets, we need a 30 ft x 40 ft space for our Laser Tag game. Players can engage in thrilling matches with options for 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, or 3 vs 3 battles. Our Laser Tag experience is unique in the area, featuring 6 distinct maps, 18 obstacle layouts, various guns, and characters. It offers a completely new and enjoyable gaming experience for all players. Check out our Laser Tag Game.

Choose 8 or 10 headsets, and you’ll enjoy Laser Tag for 4 players as well as a 4-player Co-op experience. The Co-op games include zombie survival and tower defense archery, and they continue until all players either perish or conquer the enemies, lasting around 10 minutes each. Alongside Laser Tag, this Co-op adventure promises an incredibly enjoyable and exciting time. A space measuring 30 ft x 50 ft is required for this experience.

How long does each game run?

The duration of each game is adjustable, determined by the number of students in line to play. If there is a long queue, we shorten the game time to accommodate more players. Conversely, if there are fewer players waiting, we extend the game slightly to allow those participating to enjoy a longer gameplay. Typically, each Laser Tag game lasts approximately 5-10 minutes before we rotate the students for the next game.

What does RezBlue need from the school At the after prom party?

We require two things from the school for the after-prom party: first, the appropriate space, which is determined by the number of headsets you select when booking with us. Typically, after-prom school events take place in a basketball court.

Regarding our gaming set, it can be set up anywhere within the court. In some cases, schools schedule other activities immediately after the game, so they position us in the middle of the court. This works well for us since our game can be wrapped up quickly compared to other inflatable houses.

The second requirement is access to a power outlet. Our staff will bring extension cords, allowing us to connect power to our gaming set from any location within the venue.

When would RezBlue staff show up?

Our staff will arrive 30 minutes to 1 hour before the after-prom party begins. Since our game is already tested and ready to run prior to the event, we only require 30 minutes to set everything up.

Does RezBlue need any help from the school’s volunteer?

Because of the technical complexity of our games, only trained staff from RezBlue can operate them. Therefore, our team will be present to run the games throughout the entire event. Consequently, we do not require volunteers from the school for the after-prom party.

Will the headsets be sanitized between games?

Yes. The equipment also will be disinfected after each use by RezBlue staff.

Is there any deposit required?

A 10 percent deposit of the total invoice is mandatory for all pop-up events and parties. This deposit is non-refundable if the event is canceled or rescheduled, with or without notice, within the 30-day period before the event date. However, it will be fully refunded if the event is canceled or rescheduled with notice outside the 30-day period prior to the event date. The remaining 90 percent of the total invoice will be paid on or after the event date.

Does the school need to sign any paper?

Yes. We will need a representative from the school to sign the Agreement & General Release. We will send you the form for your review. While it doesn’t need to be returned immediately, we expect the form to be signed by the school representative and returned to us prior to the after-prom event date.