10 Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs – Virtual Reality Experiences for After Prom Parties

How many headsets are best for After Prom Parties?

From our previous experiences with many pop-up parties and events, most tend to go with either 6 or 8 headsets. If you don’t have space, then you could definitely go with just 4 headsets. However, most of the time, after prom parties are held in a basketball court so space wouldn’t be an issue.

If you go with 6 headsets, we are looking for a space of 30 ft x 40 ft. We offer Laser Tag, students can play up to 6 players at once. They can also be playing 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, or 3 vs 3. Our Laser Tag is the one and only that you could find around here. There are 6 unique maps in total with 18 different obstacle layouts, different guns, and characters. All the players will have lots of fun in a completely brand-new experience. Check out our Laser Tag Game.

If you go with 8 headsets, we offer Laser Tag for 4 players and another 4-player Co-op experience. In the Co-op game experience, there will be zombie survival and tower defense archery Co-op. These 2 games don’t have a set amount of time. The games will end when players either all die or defeat the enemies. These 2 co-op games are around 10-15 minutes long. Besides the Laser Tag, the Co-op game experience will offer a super fun and thrilling experience. Also, we are looking for a 30 ft x 50 ft space for this one.

How long does each game run?

The length of each game is customizable. The staff often choose the length of each game, based on the number of students waiting in line to play. For example, if we see that there are a lot of students waiting to play, we’ll shorten the time of each game so that many of them can play. If not many are waiting, we tend to increase the game length a little more so that the ones who are playing can play a little longer. On average, you can expect each Laser Tag game to run for around 5-10 minutes then we swap the students for the next game.

What does RezBlue need from the school At the after prom party?

We only need two things from the school on the day of the after prom party. First is the space. The space that we need depends on the number of headsets you choose when booking with us. After prom school events often be held in a basketball court. As for our gaming set, we could be anywhere in the court. Some schools have other activities right after the game time so they put us right in the middle of the court since we can wrap things up our game a lot quicker, compared to other inflatable houses. That is fine with us, too.

The second thing that we need is access to a power outlet. Our staff will bring extension cords with us so we can run the power to our gaming set so technically we can run power from anywhere.

When would RezBlue staff show up?

The staff will be showing up 30 minutes to 1 hr prior to the after prom party. Our game is already tested and ready to run prior to the event so 30 minutes is all we need to put everything together.

Does RezBlue need any help from the school’s volunteer?

Due to the technical aspect of our games, only trained staff from RezBlue can run the games so we will be there to operate for the whole time. As a result, we don’t really need after prom volunteers from the school.

Will the headsets be sanitized between games?

Yes. The equipment also will be disinfected after each use by RezBlue staff.

Is there any deposit required?

A 10 percent deposit of the total invoice will be required for all pop-up events/parties. This deposit is non-refundable in case the event gets canceled or rescheduled with or without notice within the 30-day period prior to the event date. It will be fully refunded if the event gets canceled or rescheduled with a notice outside the 30-day period prior to the event date. The remaining 90 percent of the total invoice will be paid on or after the event date.

Does the school need to sign any paper?

Yes. We would have to ask someone who represents the school to sign the Agreement & General Release. We are going to send you the Agreement & General Release Form for you to review. It doesn’t have to be returned right away but we expect to have the form returned with a signature from the school prior to the after prom event date.